Hello – I’m Anya (On-ya).  I live in the western suburbs of Chicago, and pretty much always have.  I have a husband, Will – who is pretty great.  Along with him – I live with a very spoiled little dog named Rascal.  And that is our little family right now.

I was a banker/lender for a community bank – but am currently unemployed.  I’m trying to figure what I am going to do at this point (so please don’t tell anyone I know about this blog). 

I started this blog because I found that some of the best parts of my day were reading the blogs that I enjoy.  And, one day I woke up – and felt like writing something.  So, if no one reads it – fine.  I just felt like having a voice.  I was having waaaayyyyy too many one sided conversations with my dog.

P.S – the name comes from a taunt from grade school.  “An-ya Marks – Get Set – Go!”.  I decided to own it – and make it my website.  So there!


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