Writer’s Block and Ergonomic Keyboards

November 5, 2009

OK – so I am on my fourth, FOURTH, post – and the first one doesn’t even count because it is about 3 sentences long. And, already – I don’t know what to write about. 

I don’t know how you bloggers do it. The ones I read, I must say, are very talented – and that is probably why I read them.  There are probably many more bloggers out there, like me, that had an inspiration one day, wrote about it – and then Kaput!  But, I’m not giving up.  That inspiration has to come to me again someday, right?  So, I am going to keep chugging along.  And, maybe one day in the future I will get the hang of this and go back and hit “delete, delete, delete” on all these entries. And, that’s ok. I am authorized to delete my own blog, right? 

Until then, I am going to complain about my husband’s keyboard.  See, he is a programmer – and so he types a lot, both at work and at home.  So, we have one of these ergonomic keyboards at home – so he doesn’t get carpotunnel (sp?).  And, don’t get my wrong – I do not want him to get carpotunnel – but you have no ides how many times I have had to hit the backspace while writig this.  It drives me crazy.  Here is a link to the keyboard I am currently typing on…


Doesn’t look that annoying, does it?  That is what I thought – UNTIL I HAD TO TYPE ON IT.  This thing better makes sure that my husband does not need hand surgery any time soon – or it is being thrown against the wall and being replaced with a nice old fashioned keyboard.

So – you see how bad the writer’s block has gotten (and am I even allowed to call myself a writer?  I gess I could call it random-typer’s block)?  I am writing about a device that is giving me a hard time typing out the thoughts that I AM NOT HAVING.  Hopefully I wll have better ideas next time.


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