Home – Where the Will is

October 30, 2009

Will came home sick yesterday around 1:00.  We took a nap and I made chicken soup for dinner.  He went back into the office today – early, actually.  It is a miserable day here today.  Cold, rainy, and dark.

Sometimes I look around my house – and I am so thankful.  We don’t live in a big house.  But it is nice and home-y and ours.  And, to be honest – Will made it all possible.  I only stopped working 6 weeks ago.  But, Will made this whole life that we have possible.  A life – that I love.  And, one that we talked about in his dorm room when we finally figured out – Yeah – this is forever.

He made me promises early on.  BIG promises.  And, he is working SO HARD to make every one come true.  I love him for that.  I hope I don’t disappoint.

That – and he is pretty easy on the eyes, too.


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