Let’s try again…

October 29, 2009

I have officially deleted my first post.  It was up for a day – and now it is down.  It is kinda harder than I thought – putting yourself out here like this.  Yesterday I got this WANT to write something – and so I did.  And, I thought it was pretty good.  At the time…  And, then you go back and read – and you question if it is really something you want to stand behind.  When you work – like in an office – you are told “this is good” “good job”.  Not that I am trying to make this my job.  I’m not.  But, the validation isn’t here.  I have gone 6 years with that validation.  Or, in some cases, reprimand.  But, at least I knew.  This is new territory for me.  Or at least newer.  I know I used to have no problem throwing myself out there.  And, that what THIS is probably somewhat about.  I have been a good banker, wife – but somewhere I lost the person I was.  So, I am going to hit the publish button – and hope I won’t delete this.  Anya-marks – get set – go!


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